December 26 & 27 will be our annual Holiday Shooting Clinic designed to teach, practice, and improve shooting form. Click HERE for the registration form. 


Fall Sports


It has been an absolutely amazing Fall season at RHS. I have been so proud to watch our girls Softball and Soccer teams play in the state finals! Volleyball continues to do very well, and we will be hoping for a great finish there. I don't want to forget Tennis, Cross Country, Student Council, and all out other activities; it is just amazing how many of our basketball players give another piece of themselves to our school. RHS is truly great...but only and always because of the greatness of its many parts. Finish strong so you may start something new all the stronger. 
With the season rapidly approaching, please help us get the word out about the Parent/Player meeting Tuesday, November 12th at 6:00-7:30 PM in the RHS Library. There, we will discuss the tryout process, team rules/expectations, schedules, and several other school and team policies. Physicals and District Activity Packets must be completed prior to a player trying out; please make that an immediate priority if it isn't already done. 

This year's tryouts will be November 25, 26, & 27 for ALL 9th-10th graders and any new players to our school. Returning Juniors and Seniors will officially start November 30th.


Ankle Braces


Each year we recommend players pick up a pair of ASO Ankle Braces. They provide a great deal of support; much better than a taped ankle! It also saves a lot of time in the training room. The brace does not prevent ankle injuries, but it definitely decreases the amount of time needed to rehab ankle injuries. Please consider using these braces whether you've had ankle issues or not...a good teammate will take good care of themselves and their ankles! :)

You can buy them in a lot of places, but MacMed offers great pricing and no tax. Click HERE for MacMed. You should get them soon enough to wear them a few times before practices start. 


Fall League


Fall League starts this Sunday at Augie. Emails were sent to each player listing the schedule and times. /uploads/9/4/2/9/9429675/fall_league_2013.xls  One page shows the teams, and there are tabs at the bottom that go to the schedule. Seniors will lead the first few weeks. Let me know if any questions, thanks!
If you did NOT receive the following email from Kristi Koltz, please email her your address to kristi.koltz@k12.sd.us

I will be sending out e-mails for RHS girls basketball.  Our parent group has been asked to supply four volunteers to work at the President's Bowl on Saturday,  September 7, from 2:30-4:30.  You would be in charge of maintaining "security", i.e.: helping lost people- patrolling the gate- etc...
If you are willing to help out please reply back to this e-mail.  Thanks! 

To get more information regarding basketball, you can check the team's website for news, updates, and schedules.  Coach Clark also sends out information to your daughter(s) using their school g-mail account and chrome book.  He used both to inform them of this morning's meeting.  

Here is the link to the website:

I have done my best to gather the e-mails of parents, but I am positive I do not have everyone!!!  Can you please help me spread the word, check the list above or ask parents who have a RHS GBB player to see if they received my e-mail.  If they did not, you could forward this e-mail to them and they could reply back to me so I can add them!  Thanks for your help!

Kristi Koltz
Fourth Grade Teacher
Discovery Elementary
Team Meeting in Aux Gym at 8:00 AM on Monday the 26th. Please make every attempt to come and bring those that you know should be there! 
Happy 2013-2014! Please click HERE for Current Events! 
Here are links for the SW Minnesota Shootout on Tuesday.  Schedule and Rules
Unfortunately, we will have to cancel open gym this week June 24, 26, 27) due to the addition of new lighting. We will resume July 1st and 3rd with no open gym on the 4th. Have a great week